I sit down to nurse my daughter before bed…always a welcome and relaxing time of day. Tonight I pick up a copy of Countryside Magazine that I just hadn’t gotten to yet. There on page 25 of the May/June 2009 issue is the article I had written about my homebirth experience. Wow, that was a shot in the arm! They printed it! Yes, I understand it’s in a backwoods, unrecognized, small time magazine, but they’re my words in black and white! And people all over the world read it!

So, here I sit, with a grin on my face, pondering my birth experiences again. Although a lot of things contributed to my getting PPD…my homebirth experiences weren’t part of it at all! I love every memory from my kids births and have only good thoughts and feeling associated with bringing my kiddos into this world. My PPD seems to be less severe than most other women’s that I have met. I attribute this fact to a number of things, but one of them is my choice for homebirth. I had 2 beautiful experiences and I actually look forward to the next time I get pregnant–not because I want to feel like throwing up for half a year, but because I am addicted to the birth experience!

I have trouble relating to friends who have had difficult deliveries due to hospital rules grumpy doctors. I just want to yell, “Oh, please have your next baby at home and experience all that God truely meant that process to be!” Peaceful, calm, quiet, and comfortable. With a mom feeling strong, capable, empowered, and womanly. “Oh, you’re missing out on so much!” I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to birth my babies at home! I just want to share that same feeling with every other mom out there! Maybe this article is the beginning….

My day started out really rocky and I was feeling quite down but getting published was a really nice surprise at the end of the day! Thank you, Jesus!