Let’s Run

Mom took Si today so I had the day alone with Alia. It was nice. I wanted to do the same things I did last week with Si (no chores, just whatever fun things they wanted to do.). Alia’s choices were somewhat surprising to me. We checked on all the animals and played with the kittens for a while (no surprise there!) and then spent the rest of the morning playing My Little Pony!


My girl who seems to have 2 speeds, running and sleeping, wanted to sit on the living room floor all morning and play with tiny parts, shoes, bottles, hair ties, brushes, etc???

Did I mention that when we were out checking on all the animals she wanted to literally run from one to the next….”C’mon, mom, let’s run!”.

I don’t get it! I’ll take it, but I don’t get it.

So, ponies it was and then after lunch more ponies until we had to leave to go get our bulk food order. Again, we get out of the car…”c’mon, mom, let’s run again!”

It was a fun day, but I am thankful that most of the time I am holding Si’s hand and can’t run everywhere…heaven help me when he gets a little bigger and joins her mantra! At least I’ll get in better shape!