Read a little something today that I appreciated because it was a really good reminder. I often have nagging thoughts (mostly on bad days) about whether or not the kids would be better off being raised by someone else.
Just thought I would share. Maybe they would also be encouraging to you or someone you love.

Eagerly I’ve asked God to take charge of my children. Out of fear that I might “ruin” them, I hand them over to him.

But as I give my children to God, I often hear him ask, “Do you really trust me with your children? Do you trust me to get them to school safely?”

“Yes!” I respond.

“Do you believe I can guide them through an illness?”

“Of course!”

“How about deciding if they will marry–and who?”

“Better then I!” I say.

“Then do you trust me to select the very best mother for your children and for who I want them to become?”

We can be the mothers our children need because God divinely chose us for the job. Don’t doubt it. He knows what he is doing. And aren’t we glad!

God’s Words for Life for Moms copyright 2000 by Zondervan, page 43.