A New Plan

Days are still up and down. I had a really bad day last weekend. Caused us to cancel our plans for the 4th. That was a bummer. But, retrospectively, I am thankful that Paul decided to cancel and stay home because I needed a day to just chill and be together. He is still trying to do what is best for me…even after all this time. Sometimes I wonder if I would be as constant if I were in his shoes….he’s really amazing!

Anyway, I am trying to plan for the rest of the summer. The garden is coming on in full force and I don’t feel capable of keeping up with weeding, putting up all the produce that is headed our way, and managing the kids. It was suggested to me to work in the garden during naps and can after they go to bed. Whew! When is a girl supposed to sleep?

So, I am trying to make a new plan for getting it all done. It is in the beginning stages but that is what I have set my mind to. We’ll see how it come out! As I plan…anyone have any suggestions that work for them? How to balance 2 very active kids (that often seem like twins) with canning and keeping up a 1/2 acre garden? I’d love to hear them!