Make It Fit

How do I make everything fit into my life that I want to accomplish? How do I fit it all into my daily schedule?

I am having a lot of trouble fitting devo time and exercise into my day. I get up with the kids at 6:30 (if I get up earlier my days are worse because I am tired–we tried that) so mornings are out. That leaves naptime and evening. I really don’t like exercising before I go to bed because I have found I don’t rest as well. So…naptime it is….however, my kids are VERY light sleepers and one sleeps upstairs where my computer is (to use DVDs) and the other sleeps downstairs in the room next to the treadmill!


There is the slight possibility that I could use the treadmill just as soon as I lay Alia down and then she would sort of fall asleep to the sound and it may not cause a problem….I guess I will try that. Ok. So, it’s not great, but its a plan at least.

What about devos?
This one is harder. Maybe after exercise and shower…then devos? I guess I could try that as well.

However, you notice that all this new addition is during the afternoon naptime, right? The 1 1/2 hours that I usually get the “chores” of the day done are now taken up with my new plan. What about the chores? When do the laundry and meal prep and bills and phone calls and gardening get done? One would say…”during your morning; have the children do them with you.” This is a beautiful plan that just doesn’t work in reality. At this point in life, I know training/disciplining the kids comes first and I do have them do a lot along with me (although it causes much stress), but there are still certain jobs that require only one set of hands and relative organization. When do those get done?

The evening? I should do those chores between the kids 8:30 bedtime and my 10:00 one. Ok, I can, but then I pose a very selfish but personal question that I feel is important for my emotional health…when do I get time to relax? When do I unwind? When do I get a few moments to myself? And what about my husband? I want to give him some time too.

How do I fit it all into my day? How do I get everything accomplished that I want to accomplish?

I am having trouble figuring this one out. Constructive suggestions welcome!