Not Late!

So many of my friends in the adoption world are “getting their babies”.  It makes it hard to not feel anxious.  If you have adopted before, you know that “I wish it were yesterday” feeling!

Yeah, I know God’s got it all under control.

Yes, I know his plan is the best/perfect/better than I can even imagine.

Sure, I believe he’s got it all worked out for my good (and that of my family and the child(ren) we’re adopting).

Of course.  It goes almost without saying.

That doesn’t mean a part of my heart doesn’t long for the green light.  Doesn’t want to be released from this grey area, this world called ‘waiting’.  It’s just not easy.  Waiting is so much harder than DOING.  ‘Doing’ is motion.  ‘Doing’ means progress, right?!?

I have to remind myself regularly that ‘waiting’ is also progress.  It is obeying.  “Be still and know that I am God.”–Psalm 46:10a  ‘Waiting’ also allows time to pass that brings me closer to the moment when my heart’s desire is fulfilled.  God wants that–the fulfillment of my heart’s desire–just as much as I do.  My favorite saying right now comes from a verse in 2 Peter and answers the question that my heart screams so often lately…WHEN????

—God’s promises are never late….not even by a day.—


And every time I remember this……there’s PEACE.