It’s All About Timing

It really is. All about timing. Our timing and God’s timing…and getting those two to fall in line with one another.

It has been about a month since we had our last visit with our caseworker and we have been waiting as patiently as possible for her to approve our homestudy. We kept wondering “what is taking so long”. Finally we sent an inquiry by email and waited a bit longer.

Our deadline for all our paperwork still being valid was rapidly approaching! Surely our caseworker knows those dates and is aware of the time crunch, right?!? It’s all about timing and having the paperwork ready at the right time.

Our caseworker finally sent us a rough draft and we read through it carefully and then rushed to email her back the corrections. 3 days left!!!!

Then she told us we were just waiting for our references to come to her…..what???? We were sure those had all been diligently returned by now. A double check by our caseworker found that they were probably all sitting in the office manager’s inbox (she had just recently gone on maternity leave). So, check in with all the references and have them forward their replies directly to our caseworker. However, this process landed us squarely 1 day left. Bummer. Our homestudy wouldn’t be done in time.

So, the doctor’s report of our physicals expired and we needed to get them redone (further holding off the process). Not very pleased about the extra couple hundred dollars that will require, but ok, we’ll do what we need to do. Called and got an appointment for 1 week later (yesterday morning) only to have Paul find out that the BIG new potential client wanted to meet yesterday morning as well and we would have to reschedule. Happy about the client…Bummer about the appointment. Called to reschedule. NO OPEN APPOINTMENTS UNTIL MARCH 9th!!!!! I can’t believe it! So, again…waiting.

I look at this and feel mixed emotions. I believe that God is in control of all of this and that he has a purpose for everything being delayed and costing extra money. I just can’t help but feel a bit frustrated simply because I can’t see the big picture like God can. I can’t see his reason for the delay. I don’t know how this helps us get closer to the end result.

But he knows all this and I just need to trust him. His timing is perfect. Am I willing to wait for what is perfect? I will try.