The Call

Have you ever heard people talk about getting THE CALL?

Waiting for the doctor’s office to call you with the test results.

Waiting for the phone to ring to tell you if you got the job.

Waiting for your wife to call your cell and tell you she is in labor.

For religious folk, it may mean waiting to hear from God for life direction.


Well, IT HAPPENED!!! We got OUR call!

Paul and I met with the birth mom, Kristi, today. We are so pleased! God blessed this meeting and it went very well.

Baby Kortman #4 is due April 12 and will be delivered right in Grand Rapids!!! Kristi desires Paul and I to be present for the birth and for Paul to cut the cord. We feel very honored and blessed!

It still feels surreal but we are going to let it sink in for a couple more days.

The only thing that gives us pause at this time is that the birth father is being very evasive and may think that Kristi wants child support. If he can’t be found (to sign for parental rights termination) then it may mean numerous court dates and could be quite costly. Please pray with us that he will be found and sign these papers BEFORE the birth. It elevates so many complications and clearly allows the baby to come home with us right from the hospital.

Thank you for traveling this road with us!