I have been thinking a lot recently about how I haven’t updated here enough!  Mostly I think about it while I am nursing or in the middle of making dinner or while snuggling with my hubby in the evening….none of those times are times I can/want to stop what I am doing and go blog!  However, today’s news is big enough to make me disrupt the ‘normal’ routine of our day and write.

We have enjoyed getting to know the baby’s birth mom, Kristi.  She is a sweet lady and we love that our child won’t have the burden of someday knowing their mom was a crackhead.  She is great!!  God was really the one who matched us up.  We have found a lot in common and I am thankful for the time God has given us to get to know her.  At this point she doesn’t really want there to be continued contact after the baby is born and this brings mixed emotions for me.  I would like our son to know his bio mom–I genuinely LIKE Kristi.  I also respect her desire to move on with her life, past a ‘mistake’, to continue to be a good mom to her other 4 children.

Since Kristi desired for me to nurse the baby (we are SOOO happy about this), we were given permission to have ‘direct placement’ where baby comes directly to our house from the hospital.–Praise God!!   The wild card was the birth dad, Scott.  Krist’s caseworker, Betsy couldn’t get ahold of Scott (thus the prayers for them to find him and have him sign the papers before the birth).  However, since we were now planning to have direct placement, Betsy decided to stop trying to contact Scott and just send him a text when the baby was born to inform him of the birth and the court date to terminate his rights.  She would serve his aunt with the papers for the court date and then we would pray for a judge that was favorable to our situation and might feel enough had been done to allow Scott time to come forward.  So, we settled in, waiting for the birth.

Today, Betsy calls me to say, “Whoever you have praying…their prayers have been heard!”  A week ago (Betsy didn’t tell us in case it didn’t all come to pass), for no apparent reason other than the power of prayer, Scott texted Betsy and said, “I believe you now.  Send the papers to sign to the United Way office nearby and I will have the caseworker there help me sign them.”  Betsy sent the paperwork and waited.  Yesterday, she got a phone call from the caseworker at the United Way who said, “Scott is sitting here across from me and I just want to be sure we have everything taken care of properly.  We will put them in the mail as soon as we are finished.”  The signed papers arrived at Betsy’s office this morning!!!

Prayer!  It’s powerful.  It’s amazing.  It’s just so good to know we have a God who has everything under control…we just need to wait for His perfect timing.  We are so thankful that we didn’t have to terminate Scott’s rights but that the relinquishment was voluntary.  Kristi is relieved and can complete her pregnancy with less stress about the outcome.  Betsy says that Scott’s relinquishment was the last ‘bump in the road’ that she can forsee.  There may be more bumps but we aren’t going to be searching for them.

For now we are just praising our Jesus for this unexpected blessing and practicing our patience on the arrival of that baby boy!