Itty Bitty is HERE!

Our hearts are full of thankfulness and joy as we introduce you to Zander Paul.  He was born Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 1:11am.  He weighs 6lbs. 12 oz., measures 18″ and has a FULL head of dark hair!!  He currently has a calm demeanor and a sweet peaceful spirit–he doesn’t even cry when they poke him!  We really hope this is part of his character and not just infant sleepiness! 🙂

Zander means “Protector of Men” and we pray this will prove true–that he will stand up for the rights of the voiceless.  His middle name is Paul after his new daddy and of course, the biblical Paul meaning “Small or Humble”.   Zander and Paul both share April 14th as their birthday which is fun because the birth mom’s other kids were all born on or very near a holiday or other significant day.  Daddy’s birthday is pretty special…even a national holiday around Kortman County! 🙂
Baby Zan’s birth mommy is doing very well and labor was relatively easy for which we are all grateful.  A hospital birth is a new experience for us as the other 3 kids were born at home but we are grateful for a healthy baby no matter the location.  We are saddened that the kids couldn’t be here with us to welcome little ‘Zanner’ as Thys calls him, but we hope to have this precious little bundle home ASAP to meet the rest of the fam.
It may be a couple days before Zander is released from the hospital and probably 2-4 weeks before we have full custody but we are trusting God to work out the details.  Once we have full custody, then we will feel as though we can call Zander ‘ours’–until then we need to respect the rights of his birth mom.   Becky will continue to update her blog with the latest info.
The gift we have been given today is bigger than our hearts can comprehend and we have no way to truly say thank you but to praise Jesus for his awesome plan!
Stay tuned for the second edition of the announcement where Zander meets the big kids!  It’s sure to be a fun installment!  Please pray with us that we can be released before the birth mom (since she is deciding to stay here until sometime Sunday morning) and GO HOME!!!
With immensely grateful hearts,
The Kortmans
Paul, Becky, Lia, Si & Thys
and Baby Zan (soon to join the Kortman Crew)