Big Day!

Today Kristi signed the relinquishment papers at the Kent County Courthouse and we signed Petition to Adopt papers which were filed with the court on our behalf by Adoption Associates, Inc.

Lunch today with Kristi was WONDERFUL!  It was so good to hug, talk, laugh together and share stories and questions. Paul and I both feel blessed by our match with her.  We are grateful that God saw fit for her to be a part of our family story.

I would best describe being together with Kristi today to be joyful and healing.  For her to call me Zander’s mommy and to see in her countenance no malice or regret with those words…just happy fact.  It was balm for my soul.

It may seem strange to some since he has been with us 5 weeks already, but tonight I do feel differently. Last week I looked in my arms and I saw the baby that I love but who belonged to Kristi.  Tonight, it feels different holding Zander knowing that he is MY baby now…and always.  Now I can say MINE.  Now I can say SON.  Now when I say ‘mommy’ in my heart I know it isn’t temporary.

So, as this special day draws to a close, I would like to introduce you to MY SON, Zander Paul Kortman.

I love you passionately, little man!

Your forever mommy.