What’s New??

I am finding myself exhausted lately as the heat wave has passed and with it the excuse to sit in the kiddie pool with my little people all day and do no chores.  So in light of my tired state and my equal desires to update the blog and also to go to bed, my post will be somewhat to-the-point.

Two things that I can think of right now….

Zander still has a posterior tongue tie.  We have an appointment with an oral surgeon on Friday to evaluate if it is serious enough to correct or if he can get by without intervention.  The last lactation consultant that we saw was confident that in correcting the posterior tongue tie we could also fix the choking on bottle fed milk (problems with swallowing) and also my inadequate milk production.

A bigger surprise is that yesterday we were contacted by Zander’s half sister, Meg (birth mom Kristi’s oldest daughter) , age 19, who recently learned of Zander’s existence and desires to meet him.  It was very unexpected but we feel okay so far in navigating these waters.  We are prayerfully proceeding as best we know how and asking God to be glorified in everything.  Thanks for your prayers!