What’s New??

I am finding myself exhausted lately as the heat wave has passed and with it the excuse to sit in the kiddie pool with my little people all day and do no chores.  So in light of my tired state and my equal desires to update the blog and also to go to bed, my […]

Do You Know the Difference?

Hey All! I just read this article ‘The Difference Between Postpartum Depression and Normal New Mom Stress‘ on the Postpartum Progress blog and wanted to share it here right away.  It is GREAT info for everyone out there to know and it was both frustrating and reassuring to me just now as I read.  I was frustrated because […]

Big Day!

Today Kristi signed the relinquishment papers at the Kent County Courthouse and we signed Petition to Adopt papers which were filed with the court on our behalf by Adoption Associates, Inc. Lunch today with Kristi was WONDERFUL!  It was so good to hug, talk, laugh together and share stories and questions. Paul and I both […]

Not Late!

So many of my friends in the adoption world are “getting their babies”.  It makes it hard to not feel anxious.  If you have adopted before, you know that “I wish it were yesterday” feeling! Yeah, I know God’s got it all under control. Yes, I know his plan is the best/perfect/better than I can […]

Make It Fit

How do I make everything fit into my life that I want to accomplish? How do I fit it all into my daily schedule? I am having a lot of trouble fitting devo time and exercise into my day. I get up with the kids at 6:30 (if I get up earlier my days are […]