I have been thinking a lot lately about our family’s story.  This chapter isn’t turning out at all like I had suspected the script was written. Crying, lots of crying.  That’s what’s going on at the Kortman house these days.  And Zan crys quite often too! 🙂 ‘Little Z’  is six weeks old and we […]

Big Day!

Today Kristi signed the relinquishment papers at the Kent County Courthouse and we signed Petition to Adopt papers which were filed with the court on our behalf by Adoption Associates, Inc. Lunch today with Kristi was WONDERFUL!  It was so good to hug, talk, laugh together and share stories and questions. Paul and I both […]

Itty Bitty is HERE!

Our hearts are full of thankfulness and joy as we introduce you to Zander Paul.  He was born Saturday, April 14, 2012 at 1:11am.  He weighs 6lbs. 12 oz., measures 18″ and has a FULL head of dark hair!!  He currently has a calm demeanor and a sweet peaceful spirit–he doesn’t even cry when they […]

Depraved Indifference

Do you suffer from Depraved Indifference?  I think we all do about different things in life. A friend showed this video to me (Thank you Anna W.) and I am stunned.  This is how I feel.  This describes ME.  This is why I can’t sleep at night.  I hear God telling me that these are his […]

Brown Eyed Girl Gets a Facelift

Hey there!  After a two year hiatus, I am taking blogging back up.  My site has a fresh new look.  Super happy with it…thank you, my Love! So, come along with me.  Will you?  I would love your company! Let’s start things off with a bang…I’ve got some pretty big news!!!!  No, we’re not pregnant.  No, […]

The New Me

Hey, how do you like my facelift?  Pretty ‘ME’ don’t ya think??  I am totally excited about it!  Brown Eyed Girl never looked so good! So, It’s been a LONG while since I posted on here…just over 2 years in fact.  I was looking back at my story and realized how far I have come. […]