Do You Know the Difference?

Hey All! I just read this article ‘The Difference Between Postpartum Depression and Normal New Mom Stress‘ on the Postpartum Progress blog and wanted to share it here right away.  It is GREAT info for everyone out there to know and it was both frustrating and reassuring to me just now as I read.  I was frustrated because […]

So Far….

So far it has been less than idyllic. So far it has been just plain difficult. So far Zander hasn’t been sleeping well at night and we are exhausted.  We are, however, holding it together well and Paul and I have only argued once. So far we are working on making more milk so Zander […]

The New Me

Hey, how do you like my facelift?  Pretty ‘ME’ don’t ya think??  I am totally excited about it!  Brown Eyed Girl never looked so good! So, It’s been a LONG while since I posted on here…just over 2 years in fact.  I was looking back at my story and realized how far I have come. […]


So, our plan to avoid anything negative is this pregnancy flopped really early on! Started feeling sick at 3.5 weeks and I’ve had 3 days since then that I’ve felt “better”. We’re almost 13 weeks and most days I feel like crap! I have to say right now that this post is probably going to […]

A New Plan

Days are still up and down. I had a really bad day last weekend. Caused us to cancel our plans for the 4th. That was a bummer. But, retrospectively, I am thankful that Paul decided to cancel and stay home because I needed a day to just chill and be together. He is still trying […]


WARNING: I am having a bad day, so if you are having a good one you may not want to read this! Do you ever feel like you are your own worst enemy? That you are your biggest problem? That’s how I feel today. My kids are having a really tough time with behavior today. […]


Read a little something today that I appreciated because it was a really good reminder. I often have nagging thoughts (mostly on bad days) about whether or not the kids would be better off being raised by someone else.Just thought I would share. Maybe they would also be encouraging to you or someone you love. […]

Let’s Run

Mom took Si today so I had the day alone with Alia. It was nice. I wanted to do the same things I did last week with Si (no chores, just whatever fun things they wanted to do.). Alia’s choices were somewhat surprising to me. We checked on all the animals and played with the […]

Missing Something

So, I feel some guilt over not posting for a very long time. I have recently made it a priority to write every day…be it in a journal, a personal letter or email to someone, or on a blog. I want to write more but feel seriously unqualified to write well or often enough. I […]


I sit down to nurse my daughter before bed…always a welcome and relaxing time of day. Tonight I pick up a copy of Countryside Magazine that I just hadn’t gotten to yet. There on page 25 of the May/June 2009 issue is the article I had written about my homebirth experience. Wow, that was a […]