HELP! Does anyone have a step-grandparent that can give me tips on how to work through feelings that come with adding that person into the family? This transition has been emotionally hard for my family and now that we know that they plan to be married in less than 2 weeks…well…it just got harder. Problem […]


These late summer months have come upon us so fast and furious that I feel we almost haven’t breathed for a month or so. Canning, freezing, child rearing, marriage building, farm maintenance, animal emergencies, house remodeling, and trying hard to fit in some fun here and there has been the order of the past weeks. […]

What Do You Do?

What do you do when you are afraid you don’t even like your child anymore? Last night Paul and I put the finishing touches on the room that we started with for the years-long remodel. Looked pretty great in my opinion. I was so thankful to have the work done….weeks was longer than I had […]

First Room

So today I began with the first room in what will be a whole house remodel. We expect this to take a number of years to complete as we hope to do most of it ourselves, but I am very excited for the the results. Since I wrote last I have been feeling pretty even-keel. […]

Lesson Learned

* Sorry, I wrote this post last Saturday and have never gotten back to really “finish” it as I intended. Lesson learned…just post what you have, don’t wait for later. Friday was an okay day. We had fun with Alia at the Children’s Museum and then enjoyed Festival downtown. We had just started back to […]

Beth Moore Poem

I got this poem on an email from my mentor today. It is written by Beth Moore and it makes me ask a lot of questions.____________ The Life I Planned Has someone seen the life I planned? It seems it’s been misplaced I’ve looked in every corner It’s lost without a trace. I’ve found one […]

New Path

I am going to use my blog for something new. Since Josiah’s birth, I have been struggling with post-pardum depression (PPD). I have decided to “take back” my personal blog to write more about my day-to-day experiences and chronicle my current journey with PPD. I am just a stay-at-home mom of 2 (2y, 6mos) that […]

Spiritual Depression

I just finished listening to a message by John Piper entitled Spiritual Depression as he preaches from Psalm 42. Fantastic stuff! I listened to it twice…in a row. Highlights I want to remember:1.Want GOD more than getting better….want him so fiercely that if being with him means staying underwater, you will stay how you are […]

My Kiddos

Grandma Kortman needed new photos for her house so I spent some time yesterday getting shots of the kids (in black and white) for her. I was pretty pleased with how they turned out. I think every time a birthday is nearing we will just spend a day getting photos and I will never have […]

Si Guy

Josiah is 3 months old (as of yesterday). He is a BIG GUY! He weighs almost 17 lbs and is 27″ long. He is rapidly outgrowing his 6 month clothes and has begun sprouting both of his lower front teeth already! This guy has been going full force ever since labor began! We joke that […]