What’s New??

I am finding myself exhausted lately as the heat wave has passed and with it the excuse to sit in the kiddie pool with my little people all day and do no chores.  So in light of my tired state and my equal desires to update the blog and also to go to bed, my […]

Big Day!

Today Kristi signed the relinquishment papers at the Kent County Courthouse and we signed Petition to Adopt papers which were filed with the court on our behalf by Adoption Associates, Inc. Lunch today with Kristi was WONDERFUL!  It was so good to hug, talk, laugh together and share stories and questions. Paul and I both […]

Getting There

Birth mom, Kristi, had a dr. appointment today.  She is dilated to 3cm and is 50% effaced. So, we’re getting there.  Slowly.   I am unconcerned about how long it may take for Itty Bitty to arrive… …because I know this baby’s timing will be perfect.  How can I be so sure?  Because I know […]


I have been thinking a lot recently about how I haven’t updated here enough!  Mostly I think about it while I am nursing or in the middle of making dinner or while snuggling with my hubby in the evening….none of those times are times I can/want to stop what I am doing and go blog! […]

The Call

Have you ever heard people talk about getting THE CALL? Waiting for the doctor’s office to call you with the test results. Waiting for the phone to ring to tell you if you got the job. Waiting for your wife to call your cell and tell you she is in labor. For religious folk, it […]