So Far….

So far it has been less than idyllic. So far it has been just plain difficult. So far Zander hasn’t been sleeping well at night and we are exhausted. ¬†We are, however, holding it together well and Paul and I have only argued once. So far we are working on making more milk so Zander […]


So, our plan to avoid anything negative is this pregnancy flopped really early on! Started feeling sick at 3.5 weeks and I’ve had 3 days since then that I’ve felt “better”. We’re almost 13 weeks and most days I feel like crap! I have to say right now that this post is probably going to […]

Make It Fit

How do I make everything fit into my life that I want to accomplish? How do I fit it all into my daily schedule? I am having a lot of trouble fitting devo time and exercise into my day. I get up with the kids at 6:30 (if I get up earlier my days are […]